About Me - The Artist

I love to paint and draw.. a lot.  It's pretty much been my obsession my entire life. So, 20+ (ahem) years spent in visual arts have afforded me a strong color knowledge with polished drawing skills.  These aspects characterize my dark(ish) whimsical artwork.  I relish a polished look with bright highlights and deep shadows, which balances my work's feel-good whimsy with a touch of a somewhat serious side.

I am an animal lover, so painting them comes naturally.  As long as I can remember I drew all kinds of animals constantly, mostly personified in some way, and then learned to paint in high school.  As an adult with honed skills, I can bring my childhood images to life in a way that scratches a deep psychological itch.  My ideas are all creations from my own fantasy-loving brain, as I almost always think of things in a whimsical or humorous context. I strive to invoke positive emotions in my viewers, specifically nostalgia, joy or inspiration.  I deeply relish the smile on people's faces when they see my work... that's what I enjoy most about doing art for a living and why I share what I create. 

As far as the technical aspects of my work, they are all made with professional and durable materials, giving a result that is not only beautiful, but also museum-quality and will last you longer than a lifetime. They are packaged with special care and attention to ensure your product arrives in superior condition.

A little more about me: I was born and raised in Houston, TX and stayed close ever since. I love Jesus, comedy, nature, animals, and a good glass of wine! I am lucky enough to be married to an awesome guy, Robert, and we are the proud parents of 4 awesome kids (my greatest works of art). :D

I hope you enjoy my artwork and let me know if you have any questions (you can shoot me an email at kimberly[at]kimberlyschwarzkopf.com.)

Thanks for visiting!


Ecclesiastes 9:10: "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might."