Pet Portraits

Painted pet portraits make timeless and beautiful furever mementos of your sweet pets that will last long after they've crossed the rainbow bridge. My pet portraits are all skillfully and professionally made, and though I primarily do painted pet portraits in Houston, TX, I can ship anywhere in the world! Below are just a few examples of pet portraits I've done. 

One of my favorite aspects of doing pet portraits is not only do I LOVE painting animals but through the fur-parents I get a glimpse into each animal's uniqiue story or personality.  I hope to show the world the innate beauty of each individual animal, one painting at a time. <3

To get started on a pet portrait, just email me a clear, in-focus picture of your pet at kimberly[at]

  • "Ethel"

    2" x 3" Mini Portrait, Acrylic on Wood | Ethel was a stray who happened upon her would-be owners' place of business emaciated and covered in mange. With the tender love and care of her fur-parents, she is now a thriving and happy girl!
  • "Thor"

    7.25" x 9" Acrylic on Wood | Thor also happens to be my fur-nephew, so I had a ball painting him. He's a gentle giant with a hero's spirit, as he is lovingly devoted to his family but also fiercely protective of them. He really has lived up to his name!
  • "Gypsy with a Pearl Earring"

    11" x 14" Portrait, Acrylic on Canvas | Gypsy is loyal and trustworthy but also has a mysterious look to her, and her fur-dad wanted a classic look to match his classic beauty. The Girl with the Pearl Earring was the perfect combination. :D (I mirrored her photo (free-hand, no software involved) to match the famous painting's layout.)
  • "Kody"

    11" x 14" Portrait, Acrylic on Canvas | When I painted this portrait of Kody, he had already crossed the rainbow bridge. He was devoted and loyal, described as his fur-dad's "shadow." He was jubilant and full of life, and he absolutely loved the water (so I put some water in the background of his painting). His fur-mama wanted a combination of two photos, one that captured his youth and smooth coat (left photo) and a picture shortly before his passing that showed more of his face (right).
  • "Louie, Logan and Huff"

    7.25" x 9" Portrait , Acrylic on Wood | Logan (top left), Louie (top right), and Huff (the hedgehog) are difficult for their fur-parents to capture together, as you can probably imagine, haha. They contacted me and requested I paint something that incorporated all of their beloved pets together, and I was very happy to oblige! (Huff got his name because he actually "huffs" when he puffs up.. guess he's the real Big Bad Wolf, haha).
  • "Shelby"

    5" x 7" Mini Portrait, Acrylic on Wood | Shelby was a delightful companion, and joyfully followed her fur-parents everywhere. She abruptly and tragically crossed the rainbow bridge shortly before Christmas, and I was commissioned to paint this in her honor. It was actually MY honor to paint her. <3
  • ALL Pet Portraits are:

    Eligible for payment plans, if needed - Hand-painted by me using acrylic paints - Created with top-quality materials - Varnished and sealed for protection - Wired or otherwise ready to hang upon delivery (except the 2x3's.. they stand easily on their own) - Please email me any additional questions you have at Kimberly[at]